Roller shutters

Roller shutters for family 1Roller shutter systems (also called roller shutters) are installed in window and door openings to protect premises from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc.

ALUTECH Group of companies manufactures over 90% of profiles and components for roller shutter systems: roll-formed and extruded roller shutter profiles , end slats, guide rails, shutter boxes, end caps, octagonal tubes, manual drives. That is more than 6,000 positions in total.

Own production makes it possible to effectively control quality of the produced goods at all stages of the production cycle: from design to supply of end products to the customers.

Aluminum roller shutters are resistant to corrosion, precipitation exposure. They are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Primary structural component of roller shutters is the curtain consisting of aluminum roll-formed or extruded profiles. Alutech offers 7 types of roll-formed profiles with foam insulation in more than 20 colors, and 3 types of extruded profiles in 19 colors. Height of the profiles ranges from 37 to 55 mm high and from 8.5 to 13.5 mm thick.

Roller shutter systems perform a number of important functions.

Roller shutter systems Break-in protection
Home, office or shop security is the main task that roller shutters successfully fulfill. In your absence roller shutter systems can effectively protect your property.
Roller shutter systems Sun protection
Comfortable chill during hot days, protection of curtains, furniture and carpeted floors against fading under the influence of sun rays.
Roller shutter systems Weather protection
Reliable protection of the window against atmospheric effects (rain, snow, hail, wind blows). Torn branches and any other objects taken up with a strong wind will not damage windows or doors.
Roller shutter systems Energy saving
When the curtain is rolled down there is the air gap between the roller shutter and the window acts like a thermos, i.e. roller shutters help to create optimal temperature in the house: they preserve chill during hot days, and heat during cold ones. This contributes up to to 20% of energy saving.
Roller shutter systems Noise protection
Reduction of noise levels in the room for a more comfortable work or leisure due to usage of aluminum profiles with foam insulation.
Roller shutter systems Protection against stranger peeping
A chance to enjoy privacy in your own home or apartment. You privacy is under excellent protection! It is especially relevant for the first floor.

Due to wide range of color solutions and shutter boxes design, roller shutters can be considered as the original decorative element of the façade highlighting exclusive character and modern style of the house. Special color management program can visually evaluate advantages of new boxes and see their combination with various facades in a wide color range.

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